Ramblings of a lil entrepreneurial shrimp

Do you ever feel small? Even smaller than being the small fish in a big pond; like being one little shrimp in the entire ocean. I find myself feeling so tiny every day when I open Instagram. I never used to give two shits about my followers, engagement, cohesiveness of my profile, or my “brand.” Since opening my own private practice I have found I no longer do the innocent IG death scroll. Instead it is a comparison game that I am always losing. My ideal clientele is on IG and don’t get me wrong it is a lovely tool for sharing photos, ideas, and ultimately marketing. But man does it make me feel shrimpy! 

Besides my business IG I also have a profile for the “struggle bus”, my skoolie: mine and my boyfriend’s home on wheels. On this account, we follow a bunch of other skoolies, van-lifers, RV-lifers: badass travelers. My feed is flooded with adventurous, likeminded, awesome people! This is when that feeling of being a tiny, unimportant shrimp in a big sea of awesome sinks in. But you know, on this cross-country road trip we’ve only seen 2 skoolies, and then I start to think that although they may be dominating my newsfeed, out in the real world this is still a rarity. We get a lot of waves and peace signs from passersby, who think we’re pretty cool and then I remember, “oh yeah, we are pretty cool!” We are doing something that a lot of people only dream about and that makes me feel incredibly big.

The 21st Century RD profile is no different. I follow a lot of badass dietitians that I find myself feeling envious of their following numbers, their eloquent captions, and their stunning photography; and again, feeling like a popcorn shrimp in basket of delicious jumbo shrimp. However, dietitians only make up a small percent of the people in the real world, and just because I think I am small, doesn’t mean I don’t have something BIG to say. Besides, I’m not trying to market myself to dietitians. I am trying to relate to someone who is like me: busy, adventurous, and who prioritizes or wants to prioritize their health (but maybe could use a little assistance with the food part). That’s where I come in hot like chalula all up on your avocado toast.

My message: I think diets are a waste of time, energy, money, and joy. I can help you find a balance in your everyday food choices. I can give you the confidence of making your own sound nutrition decisions, rather than handing you a stagnant meal plan. I will cheer on every victory, and assist you through any set back, and help you realize that you can have your cake and eat it too. 

Being small isn’t so bad when it means I have all the room to grow, and isn’t that what it’s all about? Next time you’re having an Instagram death scroll moment, pull your head out of your phone, and look around at all the great real-world things that surround you. Okay, now I’m really craving some seafood, peace out!