Happy Taco Tuesday!

 Tacos are probably my favorite food. They are a constant weekly rotation because they are so tasty and versatile!! In this blog I will give you my fish taco, breakfast burrito, taco spice, and blackened seasoning recipes, along with some bonus taco ideas!

A good taco starts with a good taco seasoning. Store bought taco seasoning is LOADED with salt. Taco seasoning and blackened seasoning is incredibly easy to make in bulk and you control how spicy you like it! 

Medium taco seasoning:

·     1 cup chili powder

·     ¼ cup cumin

·     ¼ cup paprika 

·     ¼ cup garlic powder

·     1 tbsp red pepper flakes

·     1 tbsp oregano 

·     2 tsp salt

·     1 tbsp course ground black pepper

·     2 tsp cayenne pepper


Blackened Seasoning: this is great with any fish or chicken dishes!

·     1/4 cup smoked paprika

·     ¼ cup sweet paprika 

·     2 tbsp onion powder

·     1 tbsp garlic powder

·     1 tbsp thyme

·     2 tsp oregano

·     2 tsp cayenne pepper

·     2 tsp course black pepper

·     2 tsp basil

·     2 tsp salt


For both recipes: 

Mix everything together in a bowl and transfer to a mason jar for storage. Test your spice and adjust as desired. These should last you quite a few taco Tuesdays! I like to buy most of these spices in bulk at the food Co-op to save some $! 


Kelsey’s Sour Cream:

·     1/2 cup sour cream (vegan sour cream also works!) 

·     1 tbsp lime juice (fresh or bottled) 

·     2 tbsps of medium taco seasoning (above)


Mix together and enjoy!


Fish tacos: 

This has been Thomas and I’s go to tacos lately! Probably because they only take about 15 minutes and they are delish! We usually buy a white fish (cod or haddock) when it’s on sale and stick it in the freezer. It unthaws in the fridge in usually about 6 hours. 



·     Haddock, Cod, or Shrimp (1 lb makes plenty for 2 people)

·     Blackened Seasoning (see above)

·     1 medium red onion

·     ¾ cup red vinegar 

·     1 tbsp olive oil

·     1 tsp lime juice (fresh or bottled)

·     Medium Taco Seasoning (see above)

·     Kelsey’s Sour Cream (see above)

·     Tortillas of your choice- big, small, corn, wheat- whatever you like! 

·     1 cup Shredded cabbage or lettuce

·     About ½ cup of Cotija or feta cheese 




1.    I like to thinly slice an entire medium red onion and store in a large mason jar with enough red wine vinegar to cover. I add a few dashes of cracked black pepper, cap it, and place in the fridge. The long you let them soak the more flavorful they will be. Let rest for at least an hour and up to about 3 weeks. 

2.    Heat oven to 225 and place tortillas in the oven (cookie sheet (quicker), or casserole dish with a lid work well.) 

3.    Gently pat dry the fish if necessary. Rub fish with blackened seasoning on both sides. Start light, more spice can be added while cooking if necessary. Heat skillet to medium-high heat with olive oil. Once to temp place in fish. Add a tsp of lime juice over the fish. 

4.    Fish will cook quickly, after a few minutes (depending on thickness) if it begins flaking on the edges, flip it over and cook the other side. Gently break apart the fish as it cooks. You can add more seasoning here if your fish needs some more zip! 

5.    Chop up any vegetables you’d like to include in your tacos, I usually stick to a shredded cabbage or chopped lettuce. 

6.    Once fish is finished (should be totally flakey can take 5-12 minutes depending on heat/thickness)*, take off of heat. 

7.    Add fish, cheese, veggies, pickled onions, and sour cream mix to your heated tortillas. Pairs great with some corn on the cob! 


*Shrimp is even quicker usually 3-5 minutes on medium-high heat. 


Breakfast Burrito: The morning after a taco night, I love to have a good ol breakfast burrito. Key to quick prep? Save your leftovers! 


Ingredients: whatever you have left from taco night. Here are some ideas:

·     Diced tomatoes

·     Diced peppers

·     Diced onion

·     Spinach

·     Beans

·     Corn

·     Taco meat or tofu


Directions: Sauté these ingredients until hot, add in egg ( 1/ burrito usually) . Scramble everything together. Once egg is cooked, scoop into tortillas. Add whatever toppings you like:

Cheese, Salsa, Sour cream, Hot sauce, Avocado, Sprouts.


I recommend using the larger tortillas for the breakfast burritos! 



Other taco(ish) ideas you may want to add into your rotation:

·     Chicken fajitas 

·     Ground turkey vs.  ground beef

·     Quesadilla 

·     Taco Salad

And Vegan ideas too! 

·     Jackfruit- can find it preseasoned, just needs to be heated up

·     Black bean & corn- great pan fried with taco seasoning

·     Tofu tacos


Happy taco Tuesday! Enjoy!