Hello from the Struggle Bus

I wanted to do a quick update on life to share with you all. I had given my notice to the hospital that I have worked at for the past two & and a half years. On my last day, they offered me a promotion that I really couldn’t say no to. It was an unexpected but welcomed curve ball! The deal is I will stay until the spring and amazingly they granted me a full month off of work. Thomas and I quickly finished the necessary bus projects and moved out of our apartment. Our home is officially the struggle bus!

We have been really looking forward to hitting the road so we took off with no real destination, packing bikinis and mittens! We started our trip slowly down the east coast visiting a bunch of friends and family along the way. Originally, we were thinking of heading all the way south to Florida then to the west. But HOLY cow does this bad boy guzzle up diesel! So, for now we cut out Florida and are heading to Arizona!

SO currently I am writing this from Cave City, Kentucky! We are having so much fun. Ellie is really loving life with lots of exploring and comfy bus naps. We have stayed in campgrounds, truck stops, and even a little boon docking out in national forest areas. 

Oh and 21st Century RD is still fully up and running! Even though I will be going back to work full time at the hospital, I will make the time for my clients! Holidays cause many people to have some sort of food-related stress. Let me help! My specialty is lifestyle modification- this means lifelong valuable information (not a trendy diet you’ll quit 2 weeks in). I focus on honing in to your own internal intuitive eating cues paired with gentle nutrition. This means no “food rules”, forbidden foods, or meal plans. Instead I give you the power through nutrition education. If you are interested or want to learn more shoot me a message! 

I plan to do some blogs on eating on the road, and probably some updates on places we visit! Any blog requests?! Let me know! 

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