So what’s with the name 21st Century RD?

First of all…I just want to say thank you for being at my site and reading this! Sticking through the glitches but my site is finally functional- just getting some tweaks. This website, business, and blog mean a lot to me and even if you have no plans to use my coaching services I am happy to have you here!  

I feel one of my main duties (for a lack of a better word) is to help you decipher through the BS. There is sooo much misinformation surrounding food. Confusing studies, products, diets, and terminology. For example...what is a RD?! In order to become a Registered Dietitian or “RD” you need at least a Bachelors in Science, complete basically a year of field experience (generally unpaid) as an intern, pass an exam, and then complete yearly continuing education. A “nutritionist” usually has no qualifications. I remember my Freshman year of college my professor signed her dogs up to be “certified nutritionists” to exemplify this BS. I could go on and on about this topic…but that is for a different blog.

SO why am I a RD? I really enjoy helping people improve their health, I freaking love food, and I am a nerd that likes science. What about this “21st Century” part? I have been an RD for about 2.5 years. I am new at this. I do NOT see this as a disadvantage. I want to work with young women who are likeminded. I want to work with someone who thinks they don’t have time or the energy to change their lifestyle. I want to work with someone who watches the Bachelorette and enjoys a couple glasses of wine. Because I am right there with you! 

I think what sets me apart from other dietitians is I am very down to earth. I will meet you wherever you are at. I am all about balance. I encourage lifelong healthy habits and highly discourage dieting. I also do not believe that one’s body weight us all that indicative of one’s health. Health and skinny are NOT synonyms. I know plenty of underweight individuals that are extremely unhealthy, and I know lots people who are considered overweight that are in great health. 

As the “21st Century RD” I am committing to giving you the most up to date nutritional science. I am also meeting you here, today, in the modern world. As times change so does the way we eat and I am here to help. Added bonus my virtual private practice allows us to meet when it is convenient for you. 


 Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!