Nutrition & Kitchen Recommendations:

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is ready to make peace with food and give up dieting forever. Written by two amazing Registered Dietitians. This book will change your life!

This little aerator packs a punch! If you are like me and can never remember to open your wine ahead of time and let it breathe..this is for you!

Did you have that aha moment like me when you realized you secretly hated your Keurig? I sure did! Switched to this lovely French press and have never looked back. Added bonus keeps in hot for hours!

I drink so much tea in the cold months. I love buying loose leaf and using this defuser. Reduces waste & easy to clean. Win, win.

This little thing does it all! Crockpot, rice cooker, pressure cooker, and it even sautés! This 3 quart version is perfect for 2 people.

Tiny Home/ Skoolie Recommendations

This composting toilet is incredibly easy to install. NO STINK & saves water. Yes it is expensive but worth every penny.

This camping oven is designed for outside use. It has worked out great in our skoolie! We used stone tiles to box it in and absorb the heat. Heats up super duper fast. Uses 1 lb propane bottles.

These little lights really pack a punch! They give off a nice soft glow that is perfect for just hanging out in the bus.


This is the solar that we have on the roof of the bus! Really can’t beat this price for everything that is included. We ended up going with different brackets so we are able to tilt the panels towards the sun.

When you start the demo process of the inside of your skoolie you will find rust. This stuff stops rust in its tracks! Best when you then top it with something like a rustoleum oil based paint.

These stackable pots and pans are super space saving and versatile! Comes with everything you need: sauce pot, fry pan, and large pot. The handles are easily removed. They are nonstick and work for all basic cooking needs.

Because of limited headroom we needed a thinner mattress. This mattress is only 8 inches high, and amazingly more comfortable than my 12 inch previous foam mattress. Easy to set up, firm but comfy!