About Me:

I am a northern New Hampshire gal who loves food and adventure. I live in a converted 1999 International Bluebird School Bus (AKA a tiny house) with my boyfriend Thomas & our pup Ellie. I love cooking, strength training, yoga, traveling, and eating!

I am oh-so lucky to be a natural Intuitive Eater. Always have been- and always will be! I grew up in a house that food wasn’t scarce, wasn’t used as reward or punishment, and I was never made to “clean my plate”. I can actually say I have never been on a diet.

In college I noticed I was different than my peers. I remember getting the classic “are you really going to eat THAT?” Or a personal favorite “ that break-up has done wonders to your figure!” (How insensitive!) But that is diet culture, it’s nasty! Diets make you forget how pleasurable eating can be! The most rewarding part of my work is helping clients end the “food fight”, and use Intuitive Eating to STOP DIETING FOREVER.


I have been a practicing clinical dietitian since 2016. I received my bachelors degree at the University of New Hampshire. I then completed my dietetic internship in Denver, Colorado through Penrose St. Francis.

I  started the 21st Century RD because I am a young dietitian wanting to make a positive impact on your life! I use a non-diet approach and focus on teaching you to make your own health decisions. No diets, no gimmicky teas or powders, and no food is off limits. My goal is to provide young women the tools they need a lifelong healthy relationship with food.

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